W.B.T.C Program Components


  •      Communication skills
  •      Community work sites
  •      Job readiness skills
  •      Job Search Skills (resume, application, job searching, interviewing)
  •      Self awareness
  •      Job retention skills
  •      Agency support

Adult Living:

  •      Housing options
  •      Housing assistance
  •      Adult service agencies
  •      Adult relationships
  •      Self advocacy
  •      Decision making
  •      Family responsibility
  •      Citizenship
  •      Driver’s training

Functional Academics:

  •      Banking and budgeting/ shopping
  •      Meal planning and preparation
  •      Time management
  •      Hygiene and grooming
  •      Communication and telephone skills
  •      Leisure activities
  •      Personal health and safety
  •      Functional Reading
  •      Functional Math
  •      Career Skills
  •      Fitness
  •      Life Skills

Community Experiences:

  •     Transportation
  •     Restaurants
  •     Retail stores
  •     Fitness
  •     Medical
  •     Oakland Community College- health and wellness center
  •     Oakland Technical Center- as appropriate

Agency Resources:

  •    Knowledge of Agencies
  •    Open Files with Agencies
  •    Periodic Meetings with Agencies

Functional Vocational Evaluation:

  •   Formal and informal vocational assessments

The West Bloomfield Transition Center provides school-based and community-based instruction that helps special education students, ages 18-26 years, transition to life. Students must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) written each year, which states the post secondary program is needed. Students must have received a Certificate of Completion from his/ her high school.