About Us

The WBTC is entering its 10th year.  It came out of the need for a district program to service our own 18-26 year old students who have an IEP and continue to need support.  Prior to that we would only have the option of sending our students outside the district to support them. The program continues to grow.  We currently services 30 students with staff including 2 teachers, 8 para-professionals, transition coordinator, and available ancillary staff of school psychologist, school social worker, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist and physical therapist, based on student needs as indicated in students' IEPs.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the West Bloomfield Transition Center is to guide and enable young adults to gain skills necessary to make responsible decisions that allow them to lead independent, productive adult lives. The Transition Center will provide effective and innovative programs, services, and resources to meet the diverse needs of the student.


What are the regular school hours of the program?

8:30 am – 3:22 pm

What are the hours when there is an early release Monday?

8:30 am - 2:22 pm

What is the plan for the school year calendar?

We will follow the West Bloomfield School District Calendar, including all the Early Release Days. 

What is available for students to use in the facility?

There are three classrooms, kitchen, computer lab, sensory room, multi-purpose room, bathroom, laundry room, offices, PAES Lab and conference room.

What kind of security is there?

The building security is the same as for all our district buildings. There is a camera monitor at the door and all visitors need to be buzzed in.

What are the worksites which will currently be utilized?

West Bloomfield High School Cafe, West Bloomfield Public Library, Stein Mart, West Bloomfield Transportation, Abbott Middle School, Busch’s, Burlington, Doherty Elementary School, Kroger, and Pet Supplies Plus.