Our families are some of our biggest fans! Our staff members work diligently to provide the most comprehensive and engaging learning environment for our students and our families have taken notice. 

Amato Family

My family has been so fortunate to have had 2 wonderful experiences with West Bloomfield Preschool Academy.  First, years ago my daughter attended the 3 year old Stepping Stones and 4 year old Junior Kindergarten programs.  Mrs. Poxon was my daughter's very first teacher at 3 years old!  We have some of the sweetest memories!  My son also recently attended the 3 year old Stepping Stones and 4 year old Junior Kindergarten programs.  He began Kindergarten this school year.  He still happily talks about his preschool teachers, friends, and experiences.

Both of my children have loved the program, the teachers, and the staff!  They were happy kids, learning and playing every day.  They felt loved, cared for and supported, and because of this they thrived!  My children were 100% ready for kindergarten and had a seamless transition.  They became eager learners and excited about school thanks to West Bloomfield Preschool Academy!  This is a real school school experience for little learners!

Raghdah Adam

First, I would like to say thank you to the beautiful staff who work hard to improve kids. We have seen the big difference of Alita's skills since the school starting. She is becoming better with Reading, writing and communicating with people. Even the big problem that we have with her (The food), So, at lease she is trying some new kinds now. Again, Thank you so much Ms. Yousif, Ms. James and Ms.Trosen. We wish you all the best to you and your families.

Kendall Schmidt

I cannot begin to say enough positive feedback about the GSRP program and staff at Scotch Elementary. This is my son’s second year of preschool (age 4). He had a difficult first year experience emotionally, socially and behaviorally. At the start of the 2023 school year, I had a lot of anxiety and uneasy feelings about sending him to school again. The GSRP program and his three teachers Ms. James, Ms. Yousif, and
Ms. Trosen have reassured me in every way possible. My son LOVES going to school every morning and is always so happy when I pick him up at the end of the day. It is such a relief knowing he is having a good experience this year. I have also received so much love and support as a parent. I am always met with kindness and reassurance whenever I have a question or want to know about my son’s day. The
teachers are very communicative and I love that they send picture updates in addition to the weekly newsletter that help me feel connected and in touch with what activities he is engaged in. I would recommend the GSRP program to any family looking for a preschool because the teachers genuinely
treat my son with the love, kindness and understanding that they would give to their own children and as a parent, that means EVERYTHING to me.