Summer Math & Reading

Summer Math Practice

If students continue to flex their mental math muscles over the summer, it will have a positive impact on how much math material they retain. In order to support your students, we have compiled a variety of resources available for summer practice.

  • Middle School Summer Math Review Packets: These packets were designed by the middle school teachers. There is a packet that reviews 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Math, and 8th Grade Math. Each packet provides a set of review problems on a select number of math concepts and an answer key to check for understanding. There are 10 weeks of summer, so plan on 10-15 minutes of work per week for your student. You can access the packets below (these are review packets, so students should complete the packet for the grade they just completed).
  • College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) Parent Guides: College Preparatory Mathematics is our primary instructional resource for middle school mathematics. CPM provides parent guides for each course which include extra practice. These can be found here. Simply go to the website and locate the Core Connections (English) link at the bottom of the page and then select the course that is right for your child.
    CC3 is 8th grade - CC2 is 7th grade - CC1 is 6th grade

The parent resources are organized by chapter and strand. For each strand within a chapter, there is a brief statement of the main idea, some examples, practice problems, and an answer key.

None of these resources are required. They simply provide a way to keep active the learning your child did this year.

Thank you for supporting your student this summer. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Summer Reading Challenge

Even though school is out for summer, it is critical that students still spend time reading daily. Reading daily will help students maintain their learning, help increase their performance on standardized tests, foster social-emotional development, discover the joy of stories, and elevate the importance of becoming a lifelong learner.

All rising 5th graders, 6th graders, and 7th graders are being challenged to join the WBMS 1500 club this summer!

Students can log their 1500 minutes through participation in the WBTPL Beanstack program or by reading books from out ebook collection, Sora!

Thank you for supporting your student this summer!

Happy Reading!