Social Justice

The West Bloomfield School District's Social Justice mission is to intentionally cultivate relationships through an environment of social integrity that moves us from judgment to compassion through the education and nurturing of our students, staff, and community to ensure that the uniqueness of each individual is embraced while commonalities are celebrated. 

Abbott's Social Justice Committee consists of a dedicated group of staff members who collaborate, communicate, and create a professional environment that educates staff as it pertains to defining Social Justice and the role educators play in supporting the mission statement.

Abbott's Social Justice Student Group exists to educate students on issues related to social justice in school and to encourage students to take ownership of their own culture by helping to create an educational environment that promotes compassion, empathy, and celebrates what is unique to each person as well as what we have in common.  This group meets once or twice a month after school, and all students are welcome to join.  Information on upcoming meetings will be announced in school and through Abbott Updates.

Abbott staff contacts:

Erin Wynn

Julia Music