Performing Arts

At WBMS students have the opportunity to participate in the performing arts through band, orchestra, choir and musical theater.


Band is an exciting introduction to the world of instrumental performance.  Students wishing to learn how to play a band instrument will be exposed to a positive learning environment where they will develop skills to play, sing, write, improvise, read, and truly understand music. In addition to performing, students will begin to learn and understand the importance and daily relevance of music through their classroom experience. 

The class will focus on the developments of technical skills and musical understanding by playing music that is both challenging and enjoyable.  Every band student will improve their abilities on their instruments through a combination of practice, rehearsal and performance. 


Orchestra is an awesome place to learn how to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass. Students will learn how to play, write, improvise, and read music in a nurturing and supportive environment. Students will have fun learning to play a wide variety of musical styles. Students will also get the opportunity to perform in several concerts during the school year. The course focuses on reading music, developing ensemble skills, and building advanced techniques.  


The class course offers students an opportunity to rehearse and perform a variety of music levels and be exposed to sight-reading and music theory skills.  Students will receive a premiere vocal music experience and become a member of this fun, friendly and welcoming community! 

Musical Theater

Would you like to be part of a fun, active class where you can create and perform with your friends? Then this is the class for you! In Musical Theatre class you will learn acting skills such as voice, movement, and character development through projects, games, and improvisations, all the while building your confidence and building close knit relationships. You will learn the fundamentals of music and grow as a singer in a fun, relaxed setting. You will even have the opportunity to experience the thrill of performing for an audience, which is an experience that you will never forget! Come and join our theatre family. We can’t wait to have you!

Student with violin