RAP Reading

Over thirty years ago, West Bloomfield Middle Schools inaugurated a very successful Reading Appreciation Program (RAP).  RAP is designed to encourage students in grades 6-8 to read quality literature. Our objective is to have students read or listen to books all year long. 

The selected RAP books are divided into four categories that align with the thematic units being discussed in ELA classes for the quarter. Each quarter, WBMS student's will select 1 book aligned with the theme and complete their assignment within the CANVAS Course provided by Mrs. Carson.  

All books are available for checkout from the WBMS iCenter and both branches of the West Bloomfield Township Public Library (WBTPL). 

Quarter 1 Theme: Sense of Self
New Titles for 2022-23


Photo Sense of Self Book Covers


All "Sense of Self" titles from previous years are suitable for the CANVAS Course assignment.
These books are available for checkout from the iCenter and at the WBTPL.



Quarter 2 - Relationships 





Quarter 3 Theme: Interdependence



Quarter 4 Theme: Inspiration