The ability to create is a basic human desire. We want to foster creativity in our students. 

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Get free pics    
    Create with digital Lego pieces.
Create digital word designs Create and explore maps using Google maps. You will need your school Google account in order to save your work. Using Story Starters, students will use a variety of navigation skills including locating hotspots, toggling to advance to next screen and typing into fields to create a story.
Free website to create/edit maps that can be published on the web. Interactive tools that engage students with their online literacy learning.
Examples include: creating postcards, trading cards, comics, flipbooks, timelines and organizing information with note taking & webbing tools.
Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, cross-word puzzles, math puzzles, and more-using your own word lists.
PicsLits.com is a creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you. The object is to put the right words in the right place and the right order to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture. Comic Master allows you to create your own short graphic novel! With Comic Master you can decide how you want the page or your graphic novel to look, add backgrounds, choose characters and props to appear in your scenes, add dialogue and captions, and much more. Create your own comic strip using characters, props, backgrounds and speech bubbles provided by the website.
Use the arrow keys to draw. You can save your work to the gallery or email it.    




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  bitBot Invention directions 1st edition
bitBot Invention directions 2nd edition




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