Parents and students often wonder what it is that a school counselors do on a daily basis.

As important members of an educational team, West Bloomfield Middle School Counselors are available to all students in the areas of academic, personal, social, and career development. Through a comprehensive developmental school counseling program, counselors work together with school staff, parents and the community to create a caring, supportive atmosphere whereby students can achieve optimal success.

School Guidance Curriculum

  • academic skills support
  • coping strategies, peer relationships,and effective social skills including bully prevention
  • communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution
  • college readiness and career exploration
  • individual/family/ school crisis intervention
  • consultation/collaboration/referrals
  • goal-setting and decision-making
  • academic and career planning
  • education in understanding of self, including strengths and areas of improvement
  • guidance through transition planning
  • professional development - school/district/state

2022-2023 Counselor Assignments:

6th Grade Counselor
Ms. MacKenzie Peguese 

Request to meet with Ms. Mac (Peguese)

7th Grade Counselor  
Mrs. Susan Chang

Request to meet with Mrs. Chang

8th Grade Counselor
 Mr. Steve Levitan

Request to meet with Mr. Levitan

Social Worker (Students with Active IEPs)
Mrs. Jill Guanco and Mrs. Michele Rapal

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