Supply List

August 2021

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to returning to the building in the fall 5 days a week full time face to face.

Last year, we streamlined the supply list to eliminate a lot of extra materials brought to school, and sharing and borrowing of supplies, so you may notice some changes as we move back to full time, face to face school.

All supplies that are necessary for students are provided by the school district; however, in response to your requests, you will find a list of supplies that each of the grades use on a regular basis.  Many families have expressed a desire to have their own items.  Please remember these items are much appreciated but NOT REQUIRED.  Our only requirement is that you send us your child ready to learn.  As always, we appreciate all you do and your unending support.  If you need help providing these supplies for your student please contact your student’s counselor.

The Elective online classes may require additional materials. Please watch your email for a message from the teacher when school starts for those materials.



1 –  Clearview Binder to hold the 4 subjects taught at school


Glue sticks 


1 package of 4 tab dividers




Blue or black pens


3 different colored highlighters


Red pen


Pencil pouch (3-hole to fit binder)

should be kept in the binder

Colored pencils


Notebook  paper (loose leaf one packet)

1 spiral notebook (70-100 page) SS 

1 spiral notebook (70-100 page) science

1 composition book- LA (to store in binder pocket)

1 graph spiral per semester (70-100 page) math

spirals should be 3-hole punched

Small post it notes


*TI-84+ calculator recommended for Algebra, Compacted 1 and 2

*TI-30xII Calculator recommended for all other math classes






Scotch tape

Virtual teachers request a small white board for zoom class use  

Updated 7/23/20