Title IX

We would like to introduce our community to Eric Pierce, West Bloomfield School District’s Title IX Coordinator. In his role, Eric has the primary responsibility to oversee the District’s educational and prevention initiatives, as well as the District’s response to reports and complaints that involve possible sex discrimination, to monitor outcomes, identify and address any patterns, and assess effects on the district climate so that WBSD can address issues that affect the wider West Bloomfield School community.  West Bloomfield School District is committed to an environment in which every member of the West Bloomfield school community has a right to work and learn in a welcoming and safe environment that is free from sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and assault.

Prior to him serving as the Title IX Coordinator, Eric worked in the West Bloomfield Athletics Department serving numerous coaching roles, including football and varsity baseball, where he is currently the head coach.  He is also the Athletics Director and a high school assistant principal for West Bloomfield School District.  Eric earned has earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in addition to his post-secondary professional certification in school administration.

If you have a question or concern about discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault on campus, please consult with Eric Pierce.  He can be reached via email at eric.pierce@wbsd.org