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Parking Pass Information

West Bloomfield High School will continue the practice of offering parking to students who meet specific criteria and purchase and properly display a WBHS Parking Sticker.  Students may only park in the main and south lots, NOT in the north lot (by the stadium), which is for visitors or staff parking. During marching band season in the fall, students must move their cars after school from the southern half of the main lot so as not to interfere with marching band practice.

2022-2023 Parking Pass Application


After providing parking for 200 adult building and district staff, we are left with 485 parking spaces.  The first of those spaces go to students who have enough academic credits to be a senior or junior.  Senior and junior spaces generally account for nearly all of those spots.  If there are spaces remaining, sophomores with an outstanding academic record and school-related activities that meet after school may speak with the high school administration to be granted permission to purchase a parking pass.  Parking pass applications will be available at Jump Start, from the Student Relations Office, or from Mr. Avery in room 210.


Parking can be an important issue for students and their parents.  We ask you remain thoughtful of the spaces available and the proven practice of making spaces obtainable by seniority and participation in after school activities that are under direct supervision by school staff.  Parking privileges may be revoked for violations of the student code of conduct. Violations leading to revocation of parking privileges include, but are not limited to, excessive tardiness, absences (excused or unexcused), leaving campus without permission, or aiding in other students leaving campus without permission.


Seniors and juniors driving a different vehicle other than the one registered are required to purchase a ONE DAY PASS from the Student Relations Office.  The charge is $3.00 per day for each day needed, up to a limit of 3 passes per quarter. Day passes are to be purchased before school on the day it is needed, hung from the vehicle’s rearview mirror for the duration of the day, and returned at the end of the school day.

When Can Passes Be Purchased?

Seniors and juniors can purchase their parking pass at Jump Start, provided they bring the sticker fee, $100 payment (cash or check payable to West Bloomfield Schools), and photocopies of their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.  The pass should then be immediately adhered to the bottom left-hand side of the windshield of the vehicle for which it was purchased.

Students that do not purchase a parking pass at Jump Start may purchase one from Mr. Reed in room 648 or room 550 during the school year. Mr. Reed is generally available before and after school for this purpose. If a student only wishes to drive during the second semester, they may wait until January to purchase a pass for $50.

If you have questions, please contact or call Mrs. Karen Sorgan at 248-865-6758.


  • Seniors and juniors with accurate paperwork and $100 fee may get a parking sticker at JUMPSTART. Seniors may not drive until they receive a sticker.
  • Qualified sophomores may only apply for a parking pass with the approval of a member of the high school administrative team.
  • Violation of parking policies or any other aspect of the Student Code of Conduct are grounds for revocation of parking privileges for the duration of the school year.