Tech and Research Help

Amer. Lit. Poetry & U.S. History Essay (pdf)

Blood Disorders Research (pdf for Human Bio.)

Chromebook Commitment Form 

Chromebook Repair Form- Fill out, submit, and print a copy. Attach copy to your Chromebook and bring it to the iCenter for pick up by repair company every Thursday. 

Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages (Cornell University Website)
Google Accounts, Chromebooks, and WiFi: 10 Basics Students Should Know (pdf)
GVRL: Gale Virtual Reference Library (screen capture with narration; 8 minutes)  
Infobase Publishing eBooks (screen capture with narration; 6 minutes) 
Literary Criticism: Finding Credible Sources (screen capture and narrated instructions for Infobase Publishing eBooks, GVRL eBooks, and Student Resources in Context database; 14 minutes)
Student Resources in Context (screen capture with narration; 8 minutes)