Book List

Italian Renaissance Historical Fiction:  These titles take place during a period of European history that began in Italy in the 14th century.
100 Best-Ever Teen Novels: NPR judges and readers voted. From the results, these are the novels that we have in the iCenter.
100 Best-Ever--Runner-ups: These are the runner-ups for the "100 best-ever teen novels" according to NR judges and readers.
Apocalypse: It's the end of the world as we know it...whether it has to do with zombies, aliens, angels, climate, geography, war, or technology.
Dystopian: When an oppressive and abusive society or government takes control, someone has to fight the system.
GLBT:  These books deal with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and/or questioning issues. They include fiction, non-fiction, and biographies.
Graphic Novels--Series:  Multiple volume graphic novels in the iCenter
Graphic Novels--Stand-alones: These graphic novels and comics are individual selections. They include non-fiction graphic novels also.