Graduation Information

Graduation Date: Sunday, June 11, 2023*


*While this date is our scheduled date, please know that Pine Knob has a policy that states that they will not confirm our date until 90 days prior to the event, which is March 11, 2023. Pine Knob has the right to change our date anytime before that 90 day mark to accommodate a major concert or event. Please be advised that there is nothing that we can do on the WBHS end to change this policy, as it is Pine Knob's policy and is written into our contract with them. Should the date change, we will keep you immediately updated.


Class of 2023,

Welcome to your senior year of high school at WBHS. I know you are all excited to make plans for all of your senior year events and we want to assist you with all of those dates so that you do not miss a single thing. Throughout the year, you can expect dates to be sent out to you and your family via email and our WBHS Homepage. Please make sure that you are checking your email and our homepage for updates.

Seniors and families have started to inquire about the date and location of graduation. Our graduation ceremonies will take place at Pine Knob again this year. That being said, Pine Knob has a policy that when they book graduations, they do not guarantee your booking until 90 days prior. They have this clause because they will bump a graduation to honor a concert request. What does this mean for our graduation date? We will not be able to give you an exact date of graduation until April 2023, when Pine Knob confirms our graduation reservation. Currently, we have two dates held, June 4th and June 11th held for graduation. Again, Pine Knob is likely to confirm one of those dates, but we will not know which one until April. If those dates get booked for a concert, they will find us another date during that window of time expressed.

Thank you in advance for your patience on this matter and understanding that there is nothing additional that we can do to confirm graduation dates. This is Pine Knob's policy and we are at the mercy of their policy. Also, please know that we will keep you updated as soon as our date is confirmed. We are looking forward to an amazing senior year and graduation!


With Laker Pride,


Dr. Clark