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Academic/Athletic Letters

At West Bloomfield High School, we offer an Activities/Academic Letter for our students. Students can earn the Activity/Academic Letter by accumulating points through participation in clubs and activities and/or by academic achievement as reflected in their semester grade point average.

Seventy-five points total will be necessary to receive a letter. Points are cumulative over a student's high school career. Activity points will be awarded at the discretion of the club or activity sponsor, based on 0-5 points for semester activities and 0-10 points for year-long activities and clubs. Grade point average points are per semester and are as follows:

  • 8 points for a 3.50 grade average or above
  • 5 points for a 3.00 - 3.49 grade average
  • 2 points for a 2.75 - 2.99 grade average
  • 1 point for a 2.50 - 2.74 grade average

Points for any other non-athletic co-curricular activity that is not covered by a sponsor may be submitted to the Director of Student Activities (Jennifer Sepetys) for consideration. Transfer students may not submit requests based on participation at preceding schools.

Students are responsible for keeping a personal record of their own points. When they have earned 75 total points, they may pick up a verification form from Mrs. Sepetys in room 300, fill it out and submit the completed form.

Students earning 75 points with a completed verification form will receive a card enabling them to purchase a letter jacket or a letter sweater. Athletes are encouraged to apply for their letter if they qualify and add an activities/academic pin to their athletic letter.

The more time, energy and enthusiasm that students put into their years here at West Bloomfield, the more satisfaction and sense of belonging they will receive in return. School spirit and pride start with each student.

If you have any questions, please email Taylor Strobridge at