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2024-2025 Scheduling Information

Students, please note the following regarding registering for classes for next year: 

  • Students need to fill out the Course Selection Google Form.  The link for the forms will be listed below and in your student email from Mrs. Aisner. Counselors will provide due dates for course selection at their class meetings. 
  • Students should pay particular attention to their alternate choices. If a student's first choice class is not available or doesn't fit, students must be content with their alternates. Students should not list the same class twice; course requests and course alternates should be different. 
  • If a student wishes to take a class that a teacher does not recommend them for, they have the option of completing a "Self Select Form" that must be signed by parents. 
  • Students should make sure their course choices add up to 7 credits and provide up to 3 to 5 alternates. 
  • Please note that if you run into any issues, your counselor can assist. They will be meeting with you during your English class to discuss your course selections.

 Registration forms: 

2024-2025 WBHS Course Description Book 

Course Selection Sheets: 

Class of 2028 Current 8th Graders:     8th Grade Parent Slides

Class of 2027 Current 9th Graders:

Class of 2026 Current 10th Graders:

Class of 2025 Current 11th Graders:

If students would like to request an honors or AP course without a teacher's recommendation, they should submit this Self Select form with a parent signature.

2024-2025 Honors AP Self Select Form