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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements Class of 2024-2027

A student must attend West Bloomfield High School during the final semester prior to graduation to receive a West Bloomfield High School Diploma. A student transferring from West Bloomfield to another school during his/her senior year may be granted a diploma if the receiving school’s policy prevents the granting of a diploma. West Bloomfield High School requires a minimum of 25.00 credits for graduation. (18 required + 7 enrichment = 25.00 credits) 

Early Graduation

Early Graduation Students requesting an exception to graduate early before completing the full four years of high school must adhere to the required guidelines. Students who have exceptional circumstances must meet with their counselor in early September to avoid missing critical deadlines. In most situations, students are required to provide proof of acceptance to a four-year institution or proof of enrollment from a four-year institution to qualify for early graduation. Please see your counselor for further details.

State Mandatory Testing

In order to satisfy the requirements for graduation, every student must take all state mandated tests at the grade level mandated unless excluded under the guidelines established by the Michigan State Department of Education. Special exceptions may be granted by the Superintendent upon evidence of extraordinary circumstances.


*  Please check with school administrator &/or counselor for most up to date information regarding graduation requirements. This page may not be 100% accurate and should be used as a guide.