Come Meet the Teacher on August 27th

Gretchko Stars are Headed to the Ann Arbor Hands Museum.  A huge Thank You to our PTO for sponsoring this activity!

Thursday, May 23 FIELD TRIP - Mrs. Gojcaj, Mrs. Bairski, Mrs. Sizemore, Ms. Barker, Mrs. Geottes and Mrs. Kirk, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs Wild, Mrs. Humphrey, Mrs Risden(Mrs. V. (Waites), and Mrs. Hans.
Friday, June 7 FIELD TRIP - Mrs. Pawlaczyk, Mrs. Ayar, Mrs. Pace, Mrs. Costello, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Jamison,and Mrs. Merglewski


Mrs. Takata is in need of baby food jar donations. 

Gretchko stars are collecting new sharpie colored markers to send with Alexa Ingram (former Gretchko student) on her trip to the Chemolingot Orphanag Kenya in June. 


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A huge Thank you to the Mansour Foundation for our fun day filled with yoga from Body Language! Our Gretchko Star Students enjoyed the day!



June 5th is Field Day and we would love your help! Please click the link below to sign up. 

Volunteer Field Day Link

Send in your Box Tops and help Gretchko earn money!