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New Musical Instruments

New Doherty Musical Instruments

The West Bloomfield School District has begun to receive musical instruments that will support both instructional and co-curricular programs. The purchase of these musical instruments was included in the 2017 Bond issue, because music education is important to our community, and the instruments require periodic replacement due to normal wear and tear.
The school district plans to replenish musical instruments and equipment across the district in grades K-12. Above: Doherty Kindergarten students are playing on their newly received Remo Tubano drums. A Tubano is a modern version of the traditional Afro-Cuban Congadrum. It features unique cut-outs at the bottom of the drum which allow more of the sound to escape while also making the drum more stable when played on the floor. This percussion instrument is especially useful for world music drumming ensembles and drum circles. Through active engagement during drumming activities and lessons, students will focus, listen, watch, complement, and discover community-based instruction to achieve music learning benchmarks and experience creativity in exciting ways!