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New Student Chromebooks

Students using Chromebooks

The West Bloomfield School District has refreshed student Chromebooks for our 1:1 6th through 12th grade initiative using May 2017 Bond dollars (1:1 represents one device for every student). The previous 11 inch Samsung Chromebook S3 model was upgraded to the 11 inch Dell Chromebook 3180 for 7th through 12th grade students. 6th grade students received the 11 inch Asus Chromebook C202S model which were purchased last year and used in 5th grade classrooms. The 11 inch Samsung Chromebook S3 model reached its auto update expiration or AUE meaning that they will soon not receive automatic updates which enhance the device itself and the software on the device.

Bond expenditure planning included preparing for contingencies such as our 1:1 take home device initiative for grades 6 through 12. The silver Samsungs will continue to be used across the district in various capacities until they are no longer functional. 1:1 student Chromebooks combined with GSuite for Education (Google Apps) allows for a personalized learning experience for students any time, any place, any way and at any pace.

New Chromebook