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Pilot of Flexible Furniture in Classrooms

Maurers Classroom

Pilot of Flexible Furniture in Classrooms
Included in the 2017 Bond was an endeavor to re-imagine learning spaces in building classrooms, iCenters and common areas. The goal is to create flexible learning environments compatible with 21st-century expectations.

Furniture upgrades will be selected to focus on promoting creative learning layouts for students that encourage multiple modes of instruction, flexible seating and collaboration. Demonstration classrooms have been designated throughout the district.

Stand Desks
We received 30 Stand Desks as part of our flexible furniture pilot program.The Stand Desks have been distributed as follows:

• ACS – 1 desk
• Roosevelt Elementary – 3 desks
• Scotch Elementary – 3 desks
• Sheiko Elementary – 3 desks
• Abbott Middle School – 5 desks
• Orchard Lake Middle School – 5 desks
• West Bloomfield High School – 10 desks

Staff have been invited to experience these furniture options prior to making district-wide purchases.

Pilot Classrooms
Select classrooms will receive flexible furniture as part of our pilot program. The following classrooms are the first to have the furniture delivered:

• Sheiko, Room 42 (Teresa Maurer)
• WBHS, Room 507 (Mervet Ismail)

If you happen to be in these buildings, feel free to stop in and enjoy the look and feel of these flexible furnishings.
There are several other spaces on target to receive furniture between mid-October to mid-November.

Photos at right show students in Teresa Maurer's classroom at Sheiko Elementary. Students are able to collaborate on work assignments more easily as desks on castors lend mobility for quick, easy transitions between learning modes. Table heights are adjustable, and seats encompass a tri-pod base for easy storage. Desks in Teresa Maurer's classroom were set up in Lecture Mode with the back row utilizing high top tables. The configuration is easily converted in seconds to Project or Group Mode. When asked how they felt about the furniture, students reacted with a positive response, commenting that they were far more comfortable, and they liked the fact that they could rotate the seats easily.

Maurers Classroom 2

Maurers Classroom 3

Maurers Classroom 4

Maurers Classroom 5