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Sally Unrath receives Gretchko Youth Advocate Award

The West Bloomfield School District is proud to announce that Sally Unrath, Coordinator of Enrichment and Recreation for the West Bloomfield Community Education Department, was recently recognized by the Greater West Bloomfield Michigan Week Committee with the Dr. Seymour Gretchko Youth Advocate Award for 2019. This prestigious award honors those that model the principles and values embraced by Dr. Seymour Gretchko, who was the beloved Superintendent of West Bloomfield School District from 1983-2002.

Throughout the years, Sally has been the premier programmer, planning and overseeing a variety of activities for youth and adults and dedicating her time, energy and creativity in a variety of work-related and volunteer activities. She skillfully aligns her enrichment, camp and academic offerings with the requirements of the state’s academic program, school district goals and the needs of the Greater West Bloomfield Community, Sally’s programming has provided advantages to the children that they otherwise might not have.

As a role model for youth, Sally has left an indelible impression on the West Bloomfield community. Sally has had 31 years of positive impact on students through West Bloomfield School’s Athletics and Community Education Departments. She has offered her service, creativity and expertise in a way that encourages others to look to her as a model of “response-ability.”

Joey Spano, West Bloomfield Community Education director said, “Her boundless energy, engaging personality and enthusiasm are contagious and serve to elevate the people around her. She uses her creativity and connections to truly benefit others in the community. She clearly embodies professional dedication and serves as a shining example of what it takes to be a true leader and role model in the Greater West Bloomfield Community.”

Dr. Gerald Hill, West Bloomfield School District superintendent said, “In every one of the events with which she was involved, Sally went above and beyond in her commitment to the children and residents of the West Bloomfield School District.”

Sally was hired by the West Bloomfield School District in the 1988-89 school year as the cheerleading coach at West Bloomfield High School. In September of 1993, she was hired by the West Bloomfield Community Education Department as a building Enrichment and Recreation Programmer. She was recently inducted as the 7th member in the Lakers’ Coaches Hall of Fame, completing her 31 years of coaching Poms.

Additional Information about Dr. Gretchko

Dr. Seymour Gretchko was an uncompromising advocate for public education. He served for 30 years in the Detroit Public Schools as a teacher, counselor, principal, and region superintendent. His last twenty would be spent with West Bloomfield Schools. He is dearly remembered for moving West Bloomfield School District from a mediocre school district to one of the best in the country. Dr. Gretchko was soft-hearted, compassionate, demanding of excellence and a leader of unparalleled competence.

Dr. Gretchko was a dynamic community leader. He engaged community stakeholders to form task forces that focused on early childhood education and technology.