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Gov. Whitmer visits Doherty for March is Reading Month

The West Bloomfield School District celebrates March is Reading Month each year through a wide variety of special events and activities to emphasize the importance of reading. These activities include reading challenges, theme calendars, author visits, guest readers and more.

Students at Doherty Elementary were recently treated to a special guest reader visit for March is Reading Month 2019, Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Upon arriving at Doherty Elementary, Governor Whitmer was greeted by students and was invited to take the Doherty Pledge which includes the importance of bringing passion and purpose to the Doherty Family every single day. Governor Whitmer then visited Julie Baeten’s first-grade class and was greeted by first-grader, Cassidy Higginbotham. Cassidy invited the governor to sign the classroom’s social contract.

Before reading to the class, Governor Whitmer was treated to a surprise rendition of the Michigan State University fight song performed by Ms. Baeten’s students. The governor then spoke with the class about the importance of reading and shared the book, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister with the class. Following the story, the governor answered questions from the students on such hard-hitting subjects as, what was her favorite game, favorite part of her day, favorite dessert and more.

Scott Long, Doherty Elementary principal, said, “It was an absolute delight to have Governor Whitmer visit Doherty Elementary.  Her charisma and passion for people was particularly impressive, and it is exciting to see a governor that is committed to doing what's best in supporting students and teachers.”

During her visit, Governor Whitmer also learned more about the Capturing Kids Hearts work being done in buildings across the district with Doherty Elementary serving as the showcase for the program.

“As a building, we have worked really hard to implement some of the core principles of Capturing Kids' Hearts, specifically the concept of using a student-driven social contract as a set of living, breathing values to live by.  When Governor Whitmer told me how impressed she was by this concept, it was very reaffirming of the work we are doing,” Long said.