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2019 West Bloomfield Youth Recognition Awards announced!

The purpose of our annual Youth Recognition ceremony is to recognize and honor West Bloomfield area
youth who have been nominated for their volunteer services or personal achievements. There are many
young people in our community volunteering their time, energy and expertise without recognition. It may
be the student who comes to school early every day and helps out the librarian or stays after school to
help the teacher. It could be a youngster who helps another student who has special needs. Perhaps they
help out at a nursing home or collect food for those in need. It could be the youngster who has done a
turnaround and has begun to achieve in school, perhaps under personal hardship. The youth selected for
this honor have demonstrated an active commitment to making their community a better place to live or
improving themselves through personal achievement.

This is our opportunity to recognize these students, to encourage them, and to thank the student as well as their parents.