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Humphrey receives Star Certificate

Shelly Humphrey, Kindergarten Plus teacher at Gretchko Elementary was recently recognized with a Star Certificate at the West Bloomfield Board of Education meeting on Nov. 19. The members of the Board of Education formally thanked Ms. Humphrey for her service to the district and her students.  

Ms. Humphrey joined the district in 2016 as a long-term kindergarten substitute teacher at Gretchko Elementary. She was then hired full-time in 2017. Prior to coming to West Bloomfield, Ms. Humphrey worked in Clarkston Community Schools as a student teacher, long-term substitute and eventually GSRP Pre-K teacher.

Sally Drummond, Gretchko Elementary principal said, “When you walk into Shelly Humphrey's kindergarten plus classroom, you immediately see and feel a high level of authentic student engagement.  You have to scan the room to find Mrs. Humphrey who is usually down at the students level working with them on a specific task. Students may be exploring a concept they were curious about, or reading their favorite book to a friend, or talking to a peer about how to handle a problem. Her classroom exudes a natural calmness where there are high standards for behavior through firm, consistent caring. Her door is always open to parents and colleagues who want to observe or join in the classroom activities. Shelly is truly a Gretchko Star!”

Laura Poxon, early childhood supervisor said, “I have been encouraged by Shelly, for myself, my staff, the children and our program. It is a perfect bridge for the children that leave our program and need that extra time in a transitional kindergarten classroom. The love that she has for the kids and the rich learning environment she provides is inspiring. An environment full of opportunities to be creative, to write, to build language skills and social skills that are so important for success.” 

Ms. Humphrey recently presented at the “Connecting the Dots Between Language, Literacy, and SEL” conference hosted by Oakland Schools and served as the conference’s keynote presenter. During her presentation, Ms. Humphrey said, “Kids learn language, literacy, and SEL skills through play. In play, they are able to experience authentic literacy experiences that enable them to become readers and writers with purpose. Behavior is also communication. High-quality SEL depends on loving, caring relationships with the teacher, with each other, and with the environment. It’s all about LOVE!”

Her presentation, titled “Let's Give Them Something To Talk About” was well received by everyone in the room including her peers.

Amy Quinn, district elementary science coach said, “Shelly's keynote was so inspiring, just as motivating as watching her in front of students.  Shelly shared the importance of authentic learning experiences, the value of student voice & choice and leading with kindness.  She had the audience at the edge of their seat and gave ideas they could use in their classroom the next day!” 

“Shelly is the most genuine, humble, knowledgeable and the kindest person I have ever met.  She understands what it takes to truly teach the whole student, academically and emotionally.  I walk into Shelly's room and immediately feel inspired and in awe of the authentic learning that takes place,” Quinn continued.