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WB Shredders Club

The WBShredders Club

2019 Alpine Valley “After School Program” aka The WBShredders Ski/Board Club has begun!

Invite your friends and family to join in the fun every Friday Night!  Adults can participate, too! You do not need to be a WB resident or have a student that goes to WB.  The more the merrier! Lessons are ONLY for children ages 6-18. Anyone can purchase an all-area pass for $33.


Please join our Facebook group at: or search Facebook: WBShredders Ski and Snowboard Club.  Any questions you may have most likely will be answered in our FB group.


Orders must be delivered to Abbott/Roosevelt/Scotch NO later than

Wednesdays at 2pm to participate in this “Friday Night After School” program!


We will be accepting payment via PayPal, Venmo or Cash App and the ORDER FORM will be required to be sent to:

VENMO: @wbshredders

PayPal (please make payment to 'friend and family' so no extra fees will be taken out): @wbshredders

Cash App:$wbshredders


If you insist on paying by check Please make checks payable to Alpine Valley. Absolutely NO refund for unused tickets or trade for the following week. This means NO REFUNDS! The WBShredders Ski/Snowboard Club will meet in the main lodge on the 2nd level beginning at 5pm every Friday. Slopes close 5:30pm – 6:00pm daily. Lessons start at 6:15PM SHARP!


Questions please call or text: Lauren Morton 248/514-2668 or Randi Freeman at 248/910-5864 or email us at: