• Communicator - Critical Thinker - Collaborator - Contributor
    Portrait of a Graduate

    These four competencies are vital to the success of our students. In a world where technology has changed how we communicate, vocations in how we problem solve and find solutions and globalization in how we work with one another, our students must possess these dispositions to grow and thrive. We want our students to be able to communicate effectively with one another. We want them to think critically when presented with a complex issue and find a resolution.
    We want them to be able to collaborate with those around them. And, perhaps most importantly,  we want them to feel safe and loved in our classrooms so they are able to contribute to their learning and that of their peers each and every day.

    In the spring of 2018, we engaged nearly 90 members of the community, parents, staff, students, district administrators and school board members in dialogue and discourse around what we believe are those important qualities for our graduates to possess. We will continue engaging you in dialogue, brainstorming and goal setting throughout the 2018-19 school year as we create meaningful experiences for all kids so they can become communicators, critical thinkers, collaborators, and contributors in our world.

    Staff and Students Embrace the 4Cs:
    Communicator-Collaborator-Critical Thinker-Contributor

    The West Bloomfield School District began the implementation of its Portrait of a Graduate initiative in earnest this fall through the adoption of the 4Cs into everyday life. The 4Cs of Contributor, Communicator, Critical Thinker and Collaborator represent competencies vital to the success of all West Bloomfield students. Portrait of a Graduate work has taken several forms this school year including professional development opportunities, Twitter contests, and continued discussion at the administrative level. The Twitter hashtag, #wb2020, was created to share the 4Cs work being done in classrooms with the entire West Bloomfield community.

    It is the district’s goal to have these four guiding principles firmly entrenched in the education of all students within the district by 2020. Staff members understand this
    framework involves providing opportunities for students from kindergarten through graduation to collaborate, communicate, critically think, and contribute to their own learning.

    Deanna Barash, assistant superintendent of teaching and learning said, “There is genuinely a sense of excitement and understanding from all stakeholders. What is evident is the understanding that the 4Cs are essential to success for our students.”

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