• Ms. Newman,

    I really hope this is still your email address. I felt compelled to tell you and OEC the success that has come to me since I've graduated from OEC. If you don't remember, I graduated with the 2013 class and then from OCC in Dec. 2013. I transferred to University of Georgia given that a lot of my family lives here in Georgia. Its honestly been an amazing experience that I feel OEC truly prepared me for at a really young age. I am now preparing to graduate in May 2017 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering! Usually, I think most would say that its the entire college experience that makes them ready for the world but truly for me it was OEC. The dedication of the teachers truly made me go into college with the mindset that I needed to form those connections and it has made my experience really amazing.

    I currently work with Engineers Without Borders in Kenya and I travel there often developing biogas latrines and water sanitation systems. I also have developed a device that will be patented with the National Institutes of Health. The thing I really wanted to tell you is that I got a job offer from NASA! They called me and they want me to look after the health and health systems that support the astronauts in the International Space Station. I'm truly humbled and very excited about the opportunity. My graduate school will be paid for as I intend to get a graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering and Bioastronautics. When I got this amazing offer the first thing I thought of was to thank OEC and everyone there who helped me grow and get ready for this amazing life. I hope that you will share this with all the wonderful teachers I had. I didn't necessarily become an adult at OEC but I began to see the potential that I have and I began to dream of a future that I didn't know I had; OEC did that for me and I am so thankful. I would like to give back to OEC in any way I can. I would really love to give a talk to any of the students about how far I've come if you think that would encourage them. I really look forward to hearing from you and reconnecting with my OEC family. 


    Kari Hunter

    ChaKaria J. Hunter

    University of Georgia

    College of Engineering

    Biological Engineering 2017

    Engineers Without Borders - Kenya Program Director

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  • I have two students currently at West Bloomfield High School and couldn't be happier with the curriculum, teachers, and administration. Any school is what your kids make of it. My senior considered going to the International Academy and is very grateful to have attended West Bloomfield. She has had countless opportunities at leadership positions, rigorous courses, and clubs, such as teen court, where students are able to observe cases and interact with the district court judge. She will be attending a prestigious university in the fall and has an impressive resume to bring to the table thanks to West Bloomfield High School. Mr. Watson is an extremely dedicated principal and is admired not only by the staff, but the students love him as well. I highly recommend West Bloomfield High School to any parent or student who is seeking advice.

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  • We moved into and lived in West Bloomfield for almost 10 years for a particular reason, that was for our 2 kids to attend and graduated from West Bloomfield High School. Both kids went on to a great Ivy League university after graduation. During those years, we interacted extensively with their teachers and principles. In our humble views, WBHS offers a unique and highly challenged learning and extracurriculum environment to our kids. We believe that WBHS is one of best high schools in Oakland County of Michigan, and we highly recommend it to other parents who want an excellent education for their kids.

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  • (Name is changed by request of parent)
    May, 2015

    Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to take the time to thank each of you for all that you do. “Andrew” will kill me for this email because he said I am making too big of a deal about it but I wanted to let you know that “Andrew” got a 30 on the ACT - 24 English, Math 32, Reading 32, Science 31- some of his test scores were in the 96-99 percentiles.

    Although I know this is actually common of the high achieving students at WBHS, it is earth-shattering for “Andrew”. In September, he took an ACT just to see how he would do and scored a 20. As many of you know. “Andrew” has been offered a soccer scholarship to Ohio State University. According to the OSU coach, he would need a couple more points to be sure of admissions, so our plan was to see how he did in March then possible retake it in June and September. Well, a 10 point growth was way more than they expected!!! The thing that makes it so amazing is Andrew did not do any prep beyond what was done in school.

    Trust me, I yelled every day that if he didn't do better on the March test, then he would be spending the summer in a prep class. His response was always "my teachers are helping us!" He told me that the teachers were spending a little time each week helping everyone by going over the practice test from the Princeton Review. He assured me that it was covered - taken care of.

    Of course I didn't believe him but luckily I waited to pay the $600 for the class. And it worked in our favor. Everyone that I boasted to about his score asked me, "what class did he take?" and they are astounded that the WBHS teachers helped so much. Today, I had a meeting with Mr. Watson and when I shared the story with him, he also asked if he took a class. Even the red book that I bought him remains untouched-LOL! The bonus is that “Andrew” gets to go to Europe this summer as opposed to Kaplan classes!

    All accolades go to the teachers and staff at WBHS!!!

    Not only did his score drastically improve but his GPA is up as well - 3.8 this semester!

    This means so much for “Andrew” and our family. He obviously is a special athlete but now I am much more confident that he can handle the academics. And handle it at no cost - full ride (85% Athletic money and ACT added academic money - woohoo!)

    So thank you for all that you do!!!

    Parent of “Andrew”

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