PTO Board 2023-2024

 President  Sesilee Langs 
 Vice President     Elizabeth Dean 
 Treasurer  Renai Mayle
 Secretary  Kendra McMurphy
 Fundraising Coordinators  Kristin Cassidy & Elizabeth Randall
 Members at Large  Jacqueline Jones & Monique Williams
 Principal  Blaine McDowell 



PTO Meetings for 2023-2024



PCN District Wide Meetings

Parent's Communication Network (PCN) is an advisory committee. The role of this committee is divided into 2 main functions:

1) to deal with all forms of communications.

2) to provide the Superintendent and the Board of Education with a list of building level priority needs.

PCN meets monthly with the building principal, parents and other school staff. Committee members get to know what's happening, meet people who affect their children's education, and discuss ideas for their school.