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James Scrivo

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Scotch Elementary School

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Welcome to Scotch Elementary School. I have the esteem privilege of being the principal of Scotch since 2011. Before that I was the assistant principal at Abbott Middle School, as well as a fifth grade teacher here at Scotch for eight years. I am from a family of teachers, and I suppose it is in my blood. It may not be as cool as when you tell people that you are from a family of military generals and what not, but I take it just as seriously. I believe that students are here to learn and excel at school, both socially and academically. I believe that students should stretch their thinking and learn to fail. No student ever learned anything by getting every question correct. I believe in social justice, and make sure that teachers are having class meetings on a weekly basis to allow for students to share and grow as individuals. We also have quarterly Character Count Award Ceremonies, as well as, Character Cafe winners weekly.

Scotch has been around for a great many years and there has always been a deep belief in community involvement. I believe in that as well. I want families to feel welcome when they enter the building, as well as that it is a safe place to bring their families! I believe it is my staff’s and my responsibility to make that happen on a daily basis. Nevertheless Scotch is only as good as the staff that teach here, and you, as well as I, am lucky to have the staff we do.