Welcome to the iCenter where we move students forward in their thinking.  Everything that happens in the iCenter is built on information, integration and innovation working together.  It is our goal to equip our students, parents and teachers with high quality resources.  Our resources include books, websites by patron type, grade level and subject, audio books, electronic books, and a variety of technology tools.  This website helps connect you with some of these resources.  Please explore and enjoy.  

Roosevelt Icenter Staff

Mrs. Roth, iCenter Information & Technology Specialist

Mrs. Roth with Pete the Cat

LLAMA LLAMA STORY TIME:  A collaborative project 

The 4th Graders at Roosevelt collaborated in art, music, gym and ICenter to create digital, musical, performance and art based representations of the story "Llama Llama Red Pajama", using the driving question How Can We Use Mixed Media to Promote Reading to Kindergartners.  

The Epic battle-3rd grade envisioning stop motion:  A Collaborative ProjectThe 3rd Graders at Roosevelt collaborated in Language Arts, art, music, gym and ICenter to focus on envisioning.  Students listened to a piece of music during the launch and were asked to think of words, emotions, and picture the story of what they were hearing.  Students then chose a media to work with.  The link above showcases the stop motion animation that students wrote and created.  Students listened to the piece of music, together wrote a collaborative story and than learned to use stop motion animation to bring their story to life.

5th Grade Video Game Project

The 5th Graders at Roosevelt Collaborated in music and ICenter to create, compose and code their own video games using Scratch and block coding as a platform.  

coding websites

  1. Kodable (2-5th Graders:  Select Play without saving please)
Table of coding projects by class
Larson Treadwell
Muraco Brown
Pascai Allen


2.  Hour of Code (remember to filter)



3.  Compute It (3rd-5th Grade)

4.  Interland (Digital Citizenship-2nd-5th Grade)

5.  Digital Passport (Digital Citizenship-3-5th Grade)

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