Bridges Mathematics

Bridges in Mathematics is a comprehensive K–5 math program aligned to the Michigan State Standards for Mathematics in a way that is rigorous, engaging, and meets the needs of all learners. These instructional materials focus on developing students’ deep conceptual and procedural understandings of mathematics and ability to solve complex and non-routine math problems. The Bridges’ instructional model blends direct instruction, structured investigation, open exploration, and flexible grouping opportunities, which enhance personal learning for all students.

Number Corner is the skill-building component of Bridges focused on a set of daily math routines that provide sustained work with broader mathematical concepts such as number and operation sense, computational fluency, problems solving, and data collection and analysis during 15-20 minutes of full-group guided instruction.

Parents can gain an overview understanding of Bridges and Number Corner at Math Learning Center has an informational page for parents called Supports for Families

Some sample resources found there include:

Scotch and Gretchko Math Pentathletes