Student Life

At Roosevelt Elementary school, we believe strongly in empowering students to have a voice in how the school is run.  We want their input to make things better and to help the school be a safe and engaging learning environment.  Students can lead in many ways at Roosevelt, but we have formalized student leadership through Student Council and Pack Leaders.

Pack Leaders (5th Grade)

Students can lead in many ways at Roosevelt, but for 5th graders, leadership is formalized through our Pack Leader program.   Mrs. Law, Mrs. Arnoldi and Ms. Rich are the sponsors for the Pack Leader program.  Their job is to select the Pack Leaders and to facilitate the jobs they perform, while also assisting the Leaders in their endeavors to support our school.  At the end of 4th grade, students are invited to apply for a Pack Leader job.  There is an official job application which includes scenarios that Pack Leaders must respond to at their assigned job.  The selected Leaders are then trained by the “almost graduated” 5th graders.  The new Pack Leaders begin their job at the end of 4th grade and start back up the first day of school.  In September, students who are new to the school or who may not have been selected in the spring, are given an opportunity to reapply for a Pack Leader Job.  We LOVE having students be so engaged in running our school.  

There are many ways a Pack Leader can support our school:

Safety Patrol: School Safeties help to keep our school safe and running smoothly.  Their duties may include: Classroom Supporter, Lunchroom Helper, Lunch Card Returner, Kindergarten Doors, Breakfast, Crossing Guard, Hallway Supervisor, Car Pick-Up Helper, Flag, Office Helper

Office and Technology Support: Our school offers a large variety of technological opportunities for students.  We like to have the students play an integral part of this integration.  Their duties may include: Taking Pictures around School, Supporting Teachers with Technology in their Classrooms, Uploading Items to the two TVs Outside the Office, Recycling, Energy Captain, Germ Prevention, Touring Prospective Families, Mentoring a New Roosevelt Student, Morning Announcers

Fundraising and School Events: Our school loves supporting our community and the students at Roosevelt.  This group of leaders may have duties that include: Organizing Fundraisers (such as our Thanksgiving Food Drive), Working the Husky Den, Helping to Select Spirit Days, Organizing the Box Tops for Education to raise money for our school

Students with Roosevelt Mascot

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