Magnet Program

The Magnet Program services students in grades third-fifth who demonstrate they are Academically Talented.   There are many unique characteristics to our program.  

Please explore our Mission, Guiding Principles and History by clicking on the attached links.  We also have a wonderful student-run website which will give its visitors a taste of how we truly like our leadership with our students as much as possible within our program.  

Feel free to contact Amy Quinn at with any questions.

Magnet Teachers at Roosevelt

Magnet Mission Statement

  • Our Magnet Mission

    • The West Bloomfield Magnet Program for academically exceptional students is a multiage, project-based learning community that provides experiences and opportunities for students to reach their highest potentials. 
  • Magnet students will…
    • Learn by using a variety of instructional methods based on brain research.
    • Be nurtured in an environment that addresses their unique social and emotional needs.
    • Create lasting relationships with peers of similar intellectual talent and their teachers throughout their multi-year experience.
    • Develop independent organizational and study skills that will benefit them throughout their academic careers.
    • Build and enhance teamwork strategies through cooperative learning and role-playing.
    • Be respected and accepted for their individual characteristics.
    • Cover the Michigan curriculum “faster, sooner, broader, and deeper.” 
Teachers and students from Magnet Program at Roosevelt receiving award from Oakland County
Student pointing to the Magnet Classroom social contract