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West Bloomfield School District has designed the Safeline program (attendance) to keep track of students who are absent.  When a child is going to be absent, the parent may call a special Safeline number from 6 p.m. until school start time the following morning. The parent of any child who is absent, with an unreported absence, will be called shortly after the beginning of the school day.

Doherty Elementary - (248) 865-6002
Gretchko Elementary - (248) 865-6572
Roosevelt Elementary - (248) 865-6622
Scotch Elementary - (248) 865-3282
Sheiko Elementary - (248) 865-6372
The Laker Opportunity Center - (248) 865-6795
West Bloomfield Middle School - (248) 865-4482
West Bloomfield High School - (248) 865-6722
West Bloomfield Transition Center - (248) 539-0532


To request a tour, please contact the school principal. If you have a suggestion for improvement, please see the chain of command information below so we can resolve issues quickly.

Doherty Elementary - Daniel Spitzley (248) 865-6020
Gretchko Elementary - Jennifer Teal (248) 865-6570
Roosevelt Elementary - Beth Timlin (248) 865-6620
Scotch Elementary - James Scrivo (248) 865-3280
Sheiko Elementary - Blaine Mcdowell (248) 865-6370
West Bloomfield Middle School - David Gardner (248) 865-4480
West Bloomfield High School - Eric Pace (248) 865-6720
West Bloomfield Transition Center - (248) 539-0532
The Laker Opportunity Center - Morrison Borders 248-522-3540
Oakland Early College - Morrison Borders 248-522-3540

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To contact transportation, please call (248) 865-3680.

How to Effectively Communicate with School Officials

WBSD understands that parents/families often have questions or concerns that need to be addressed. To prevent that frustration and obtain the most effective outcome, please following the Chain of Communication sequence below.  

Many parent/family and community questions are easily answered by communicating directly with the educator in charge of the class or program. Each situation should first be addressed at the level the initial action was taken, with appeals moving on to the next level in the Chain of Communication. The most effective method of communication is via email and telephone is the next preferable way.  

If you are unsure of the next member in the Chain of Communication, please refer to the Staff Directory

Additional questions, comments, or concerns?

Please contact:

Johanna Mracna
Email -
Phone - (248) 865-6422
Mail - 
West Bloomfield School District 
5810 Commerce Road
West Bloomfield, MI. 48324