The Transition Center has started a business making and selling beautiful candy wreaths.
    A grant from the Autism Society of Oakland County provided $1000 to start up the business.
    Students are involved in every aspect of the business
    and are proud to make wreaths available for purchase!

    All Circle wreaths are $16 each.  Heart wreaths are $15 each.

    Halloween wreath
    Thanksgiving wreath image
    Detroit Lions
    Lions Wreath Image  
    Hanukkah Wreath Image  
    Christmas Wreath Image  
    Red Wings
    Red Wings Wreath Image  
    Detroit Pistons
    Pistons Wrath Image  
    Heart wreath image  
    St.Patrick's Day 
    st patricks day wreath image  
    Detroit Tigers
    tigers wreath image  
    spring wreath image  
    pariotic wreath image  
     Michigan State University
    MSU image  
    University of Michigan 
    UofM image  
    Autism Awareness 
    Autism wreath image  
    pet wreath   
    Breast Cancer Awareness 
    breast cancer wreath image  
    Multi Colored 
    multi colored wreath image  


    Custom Candy available on all wreath styles.  Pet wreath available in either Dog or Cat treats.

    Please allow 1 week to process and complete your order.

    Orders can be delivered to any school in the West Bloomfield School district or you can pick up your order at the Transition Center during school hours. 

    Payment is due upon delivery.