Campus Tour

Oakland Early College is based on Oakland Community College’s Orchard Ridge campus. The high school is spread around most of the campus, and may seem confusing at first. It doesn’t take long to get used to the layout. The central “hang out” for students is the "J" building, which contains the cafeteria and several places to relax or study. On the 3rd floor of J is the Ridgewood Café, and, on days that it’s open, you can buy amazing food from the culinary arts program. You’ll end up spending a lot of time in J.

The "H" building holds the school’s office, where you’ll find Ms. Bellairs, the high school counselor, Mrs. Kelley, the administrative supervisor, and Mr. Borders, the Head of School. They’re always helpful and open for questions so don’t be afraid to ask. Building "H" also holds many of the high school classrooms. The other high school classrooms are found in building F.

Because OEC is located on a college campus, all of the amenities are available to the high school. The college library is open to OEC; students are able to check out books with their college IDs and use the printers. Another luxury for OEC students is the Academic Support Center (ASC). Here, students can work with tutors and attend seminars to help their academic career. This is all free for us, so take advantage of it. The campus has a lot to offer, and all it takes is some time to get to know it and a pinch of dedication.