District and Building Policies

The primary goal of West Bloomfield School District is to create a positive learning environment in which all students are provided an opportunity to grow academically and socially. In order to attain this goal, Orchard Lake Middle School has adopted the district and building policies (listed below).

Orchard Lake Middle School makes use of the HERO system for minor violations of the the WBSD Attendance Policy and Code of Conduct. These infractions include: cell phone, electronics, dress code, hallway behavior, unauthorized areas of school, and tardy to class. If your student is in violation of one of these policies, you will receive an automatically generated email notification from HERO that explains the violation and consequences. 

For more serious violations of the Code of Conduct, OLMS will contact you directly in order to work collaboratively on a plan to support the learning and behavior needs of your student.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Assistant Principal Stasi Mortimore at stasi.mortimore@wbsd.org