High School

A New Online School Experience - Coming Fall 2021

West Bloomfield Innovation High School (WBIHS) will provide learners with a flexible and supportive online high school experience that prepares them for both college and career. 

In our ever-changing, innovative world, characteristics such as critical thinking, collaboration, perseverance, time-management, and confidence are now valued by employers over the ability to recall facts.  The WBIHS student-centered, problem-solving approach puts a greater emphasis on experiential learning, which research shows translates to success both on standardized tests and in a student’s chosen career path. 

What will WBIHS offer?

  • Flexibility of time and location of learning offers freedom not available in a traditional high school.
  • Continual connections between career fields and daily academics through passion projects driven by student interest. 
  • A strong focus on the 4Cs model that prioritizes critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and contribution--all characteristics that are valued in today’s innovative job market.
  • Small group and individual learner support available throughout every school day.
  • Skilled and passionate West Bloomfield teachers in every subject area.

Your Network is Your Net Worth!

Who you know goes a long way toward achieving goals. At the redesigned WBIHS, we want to give students the opportunity to interact and work with a range of individuals that will help them succeed. 

With that in mind:

  • Students will have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals both in school and through internships as upperclassmen.
  • Project presentations will go beyond the classroom and into the community where they can get authentic feedback.
  • Students will participate in numerous college and career focused field trips to meet individuals working in a variety of career fields.