Points of Pride

  • 2022-2023 Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School.

  • Active PTO that supports student learning and rich experiences.  This includes sponsorship of quality reading materials for each classroom, interactive science experiences, curriculum-connected field trips at each grade level, several family events each year, and other upgrades for students and staff.

  • Supporting students with social-emotional learning through a wide variety of platforms, including: use of RULER SEL curriculum through morning announcements, a school-wide PBIS Rewards program, school wide coping kits in every classroom to aid in emotional regulation, and yoga opportunities for all students.

  • Dedicated Makerspace, available to all students and connected to our iCenter, that provides resources for STEAM learning, including various building manipulatives, an assortment of art materials to create seasonal masterpieces connected to our science curriculum, opportunities for students to complete engineering challenges, observe and utilize plants in our hydroponic garden by cooking simple dishes, and many technological devices including Ozobots, Touchtronics, Osmos, Beebots, Dash Robots, and 3D Pens.

  • School-wide commitment to developing life-long readers through continually growing classroom library collections, “just-right” books for every student in every classroom, friendly competitions to encourage reading, investment in high-quality books that reflect our diverse student body, and partnerships with the West Bloomfield Township Public Library.

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