Points of Pride

  • The Gretchko staff and parent community are thrilled that after winter break we were able to begin using our new gymnasium and two side rooms for sensory integration. We will have a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate our new facility on March 6th.  

  • Our students have begun working on their science PBL and are looking forward to presenting their project to their families the evening of March 18th. Also, some of our students have worked with the seniors at WBHS on their science Capstone Project. The high school students came to Gretchko and presented their interactive projects to our second grade students. This year our students will in turn present their science PBL on insects to the high school seniors. 

  • We are so grateful to our PTO for purchasing over $11,000 on books for every classroom teacher’s “just right” book bins and more F&P teaching resources.  

  •  For the past two years our second grade students have worked on an initiative to have the monarch butterfly officially named as the State of Michigan insect.  We were fortunate to have two legislatures visit our school in the Fall so we could talk to them and show our passion for this project. Our hope is to have this piece of legislation passed in the Spring and we could visit our capital in Lansing to watch this historic event!!