• Science About The Science Department
    Through the use of field experiences, labs and new technologies, the science department exposes students to many areas of scientific study, from natural science and physical science, to career mentoring.  There is an emphasis on experimentation and hands-on learning using technology and imagination to better understand the world in which we live.  The principle goal of science education at WBHS is to empower students to be critical thinkers, able to actively problem solve in all aspects of their lives.

    Our Mission Statement

    All science students will:
    • Be able to demonstrate basic skills including: computation, conversions, measuring, reading, creating, making observations, and interpreting data and graphs. 
    • Be able to demonstrate science processes including: analyzing data, making and testing predictions, applying science concepts to the real world, and think critically.
    • Be able to effectively communicate science concepts, results and observations in written, oral or graphical form.  Students who take science classes at WBHS will be able to demonstrate basic skills and apply them through inquiry based processes. Students will understand, communicate and interpret how science applies to their lives.  These skills will allow them to be active members in an ever changing world and society.
     Points of Pride