Mr. Chris Finneran



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Chris Finneran


Syllabus for Finneran’s History Classes


Instructor:            Chris Finneran

Availability:        Before and After School orBy Appointment

Contact Information: (248) 865-3670


Website:                link from district page

Course:           American History

Year:               2014/2015

Room:             11 B




Course Description: American History

An understanding of United States history from the Civil War to present times is vital and essential for citizens our democratic society. History and geography help us understand the origins, development, growth, and challenges of our institutions and culture. These disciplines help students to explore themselves in both time and space and thus help them think about who they are and about their possible futures. The study of the history and geography of the United States prepares students to take up the challenges of life in contemporary society by helping them see the common and diverse strands that formed and continue to shape our present life while developing habits of mind essential for democratic citizenship. 


Students should have the materials listed below:

  • Planner or Agenda (can use a spiral notebook dedicated to planning if necessary)
  • Paper and pencil
  • Folder or trapper
  • Color pencils

    Grading Policy

    Students will be graded on a point system using unmodified Power School scale:

    (approximate scores given)


    1.        Weekly starters = 10 pts
    2.        Notes, worksheets, quizzes, maps…= 20 pts each
    3.        Projects= 30 pts
    4.        Chapter test= 50 pts

    Classroom Rules, Procedures, Policies


  • Students will respect everyone and everything in the classroom.
  • Come to class on time and prepared to work every day.


  • Enter classroom quietly and work on starter.
  • Have your completed planner/schedule out with what home work is due and when it is due.
  • Start the day’s lessons.


    Remind 101:


    Remind101 provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents.

    Teachers use, the Android app or the iOS app to send texts to students and parents phones without ever having to share their own phone number.  Students and parents also never have to share their

    phone number with teachers.  Ever.  Updates will only be for test dates and project completion dates.