Mr. Joshua Barclay

Phone: 248-865-6720


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Psychology with Honors (University of Michigan), M.S. General Science (Eastern Michigan University), Teacher Certification in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (Eastern Michigan University), over 40 additional credits in education, science, and technology (UM, EMU, Madonna, WCC, Oakland University, others).

Mr. Joshua Barclay

My name is Joshua Barclay, M.S. I have worked for over 25 years teaching both high school and university physics.   In 2016, I was the proud recipient of the Michigan High School Science Teacher of the Year award given by the Michigan Science Teachers Association.  I am exceptionally qualified to give your student the exact help they need to master physics, regardless of their prior knowledge, course level, or special learning needs.
I have taught a wide range of physics courses including calculus based mechanics and electricity & magnetism labs at Eastern Michigan University, a conceptual physics course for high school juniors which I created for West Bloomfield High School, and even a physics course geared for elementary school teachers at EMU.
Since I began teaching the AP Physics courses at West Bloomfield High School in 2004, the most common grade of my students on AP Physics exams has been a 5/5, the highest score possible, even as I encourage all of my students to take these challenging exams.
In my teaching toolkit I employ not only a detailed knowledge of both AP Physics Learning Objectives and Next Generation Science Standards for physics, but also a thorough understanding of the most common conceptual stumbling blocks and how students can overcome them. I have developed numerous mnemonics that help students systematically attack physics problems and develop deeper physics intuition, helping them master even the most difficult concepts. I provide multiple physics demonstrations and lab experiences—a multi-sensory approach which has been shown by research to be much more effective than the typical lecture that many students receive in school.
I am also a dedicated and passionate environmentalist.  I have sponsored the West Bloomfield High School environmental club, the E.A.R.T.H. Club (Environmentally Aware, Ready To Help) since 1993.  Under my sponsorship, the club recently raised over $25,000 in grants and funding and persuaded the school board to install a solar array to supply 100% of the electric energy needs of the WBHS Science Department.