Mrs. Shawn Brown

Phone: 248-865-3670


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Michigan State University
MA Eastern Michigan University

Mrs. Shawn Brown

I have been teaching Science at Abbott for over twenty years. 
Today, Like millions of other Americans, I went to work.
I spent my time with some very important people.
I experimented with Newton's Laws of Motion and an Engineer.
I sang the Scientific Method song with the Lead Singer in a Rock Band , 
I ate lunch in lunch detention with a Policeman,
And I taught a Doctor how to focus a microscope and identify a cell.
I showed a Surgeon how to Dissect a Frog,
I made observations and inferences with a Supreme Court Justice,
And I introduced an Astronaut to the concept of Gravity
Tomorrow, who knows whom I'll meet?
But one thing is for sure...
They will be very IMPORTANT
For they are your precious children,
And the hope of our very future. 
(original Author Unknown)
I look forward to sharpening the minds of our future.