•  PTO meetings take place on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm in the Sheiko School iCenter or in the MPR.

    Meeting Dates:
    September 27th
    October 18th
    November 29th
    January 31st
    February 28th
    March 21st
    April 18th
    May 9th
    June 6th
     PTO Board Members

    Julie Fleysher-President
    TBA-Vice President
    William Thomas-Treasurer
    Katy Bilkey-Secretary


    PCN District Wide Meetings
    Parent's Communication Network (PCN) is an advisory committee. The role of this committee is divided into 2 main functions:

    1) to deal with all forms of communications.

    2) to provide the Superintendent and the Board of Education with a list of building level priority needs.

    PCN meets monthly with the building principal, parents and other school staff. Committee members get to know what's happening, meet people who affect their children's education, and discuss ideas for their school.