• Book Lists
    100 Best-Ever Teen Novels: NPR judges and readers voted. From the results, these are the novels that be have in the iCenter.
    100 Best-Ever--Runner-ups: These are the runner-ups for the "100 best-ever teen novels" according to NR judges and readers in June, 2013.
    ApocalypseIt's the end of the world as we know it...whether it has to do with zombies, aliens, angels, climate, geography, war, or technology.
    Dystopian: When an oppressive and abusive society or government takes control, someone has to fight the system.
    GLBT:  These books deal with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and/or questioning issues. They include fiction, non-fiction, and biographies.
    Graphic Novels--Series:  Multiple volume graphic novels in the iCenter
    Graphic Novels--Stand-alones: These graphic novels and comics are individual selections. They include non-fiction graphic novels also.