• As a part of media literacy, students will be checking out books from our iCenter. Students will books on desk be given voice and choice in their selection of books to read for pleasure. Over the years, I have observed that when students explore books that they truly want to read, their reading skills improve and their enjoyment increases. Our iCenter has a wide selection of both fiction and nonfiction books at various levels. I can offer students direction and assistance, but the final selection is ultimately their choice. Parents are a big influence on what children read and how often they read. Please discuss with your child(ren) any reading expectations you have and of course model a variety of reading at home as well. Family reading time can be a great way to promote positive reading habits.

    Picture of books on a cart

       Book Manners:
     Treating our books correctly will help them to last many years.

         1) Have clean hands when reading your library books
         2) Keep away from babies and pets
         3) Use a bookmark or piece of paper to mark your book
         4) Keep away from all food and liquids
         5) Keep away from all writing utensils and art supplies

         6) Return or renew on time (see the due date on the back of your book)

    Click on the link on the left called "What to Read Book Lists" for book suggestions.