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Educating Students to be Their Best IN and FOR the World!
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Welcome to our iCenter where we move students forward in their thinking and learning. Everything that happens in our iCenter is built on information, integration and innovation working together. Our goal is to equip our students, parents and teachers with high quality resources, including; books, magazines, websites, electronic books, and a wide variety of technology tools. Our iCenter section on our school website will help connect you with some of these resources. Please explore and enjoy.
With the help of the 5th grade Spotlight Leadership teams, we have created a Mission Statement Slideshow for the iCenter.  Click on the words "Mission Statement slideshow" above to read what we wrote.
Our iCenter focuses on these 3 main literacy skills:
Picture of a book work Media Literacy - the key to unlocking innovation, imagination, & inspiration with books and reading:
Students need to be able to navigate in any library to find the books and other materials that they need or want. Our Media Literacy skills teach students about the Dewey Decimal system, how to use an online catalog, procedures for browsing, checking in and checking out books, and book care.
We also emphasize life long reading. Along with our local public library (WBTPL), we promote several activities that help students to become life long readers. These include our Pine Tree Reading program, 2 yearly Book Fairs, March is Reading Month activities, discussions about books  with blogs, bulletin boards, author assemblies, and book talks.
 Information Literacy - the key to unlocking the world of information:
World with information
Information literacy is an important 21st century skill. We have more access to information than ever before, but not all information is created equal. Students need to learn how to access and locate quality information for their learning. We teach students how to use internet search tools appropriately in order to find the best websites for them. We introduce students to a variety of reference tools including  encyclopedias, databases with newspaper, magazine and other articles, atlases, almanacs, dictionaries and thesauruses. Most of these can be found online, but of course some are still available in print formats. We also teach students the importance of avoiding plagiarism and giving credit to sources used in school assignments. We assist teachers and students in their research process by guiding them towards quality resources.
Access to Information 24/7 puts the world at our fingertips!
Picture of kids with computer Digital Literacy - the key to unlocking the power of technology integration:
Digital literacy is essential for our students' success in today's world. Technology tools are evolving and increasing at a rate never seen before in history. Students need to learn how to best integrate the technology in their world. We help students learn how to best use the products, websites and apps found on a variety of devices including computers, chromebooks, tablets, and interactive boards, just to name a few. These technology tools not only help students to learn, but they can be used to showcase what they have learned. While using technology, students need to be safe as well as productive, so they will learn about cyber safety as well.
The ability to integrate Technology into our everyday lives is powerful!
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