Scotch History
    Pine Lake School was the first school built in what is now, West Bloomfield School District.  It was a log cabin school built in 1828 on Old Orchard Trail.  The name, Scotch, was chosen because all but one family in the district was from Scotland.

    The students attended school from April to August and from October to March.  Students were home from school during the planting and harvesting seasons. 

    Most students were ages 16 to 19.  The school had a single room.  Boys and girls were separated by the center aisle.  The school house contained a desk, two recitation benches, an organ and a wood burning stove at the center. 

    In 1925, the brick building that is now ACS Preschool Academy was Scotch School.  In 1989, our current Scotch School building was constructed.

    Created from the history written by Frank Salo, November 19, 1986